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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking in with me

If you're interested to know more about Bowen or potentially coming to see me for treatment I'd love to hear from you! Either email me at or call me on 07912494637 

Should you choose to work with me I will ask you to book in an initial 3 sessions between 5-7 days apart. This allows us to assess how you're responding to treatment and where to proceed from there.

What will happen in my first session?

Your initial treatment will begin with a comprehensive verbal consultation. Treatment will take place on a massage table however it will not be necessary for you to remove your clothing, just shoes, jewellery, belts etc. Once we've made you comfortable I will be making a series of very gentle rolling movements over specific muscles, ligaments and tendons. Importantly there will be a series of gaps between moves where I will leave the room and allow your body to respond. These breaks between moves (and those between treatments) are a vital part of the therapy. The whole session will last an hour.

What does Bowen Therapy feel like?

Each treatment and individual's experience is unique. Some people feel sensations of warmth or tingling. Sometimes there is the experience of feeling muscles relax, sometimes people may not initially register obvious sensations at all. However, often a greater sensation of relaxation is realised as the session progresses. Some people even drift off to sleep!

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

I would ask that you not have other forms of complimentary health therapy at least a week either side of each Bowen treatment. Partly this is to allow your body the space to respond to Bowen. It's also to your advantage that if you wish to try different kinds of therapy, you can observe how your body responds to each individually. 
For your treatment, if you would like to remain clothed then please bring loose clothing to wear. A thin cotton top and either jogging bottoms or shorts.

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